Top 10 Most Popular Book Genres (that Make the Most Money)

Today’s generation, as individual’s, is highly dependent on technology and things that bring instant gratification. Recent studies have shown that reading books has somehow decreased because apparently reading longer than five pages is a painstaking task to do. But, with the rise of technology, books found its way to enticed readers by taking it to a new level- e-book readers. May it be printed or electronically way of reading, there’s no doubt that reading is one of the things most of us love to do. So, what’s the real deal?
These popular book genres nowadays just show that reading will never go out of style. Here is a list that you should add to your to-read genre of books before this year ends.

Young Adult Fiction  One of the popular book genres, Young Adult Fiction is a rising novel genre for ages 15 to early 20s. This genre has been popular these days because it reflects teenagers’ common dilemmas- facing problems and crises with self, friends, and family, and the stage of developing…

Top 10 Most Common Reading Materials Today

Aside from the undeniable benefits, we get from reading- stress reduction, improvement of our vocabulary, memory, focus, and of course, knowledge, we couldn't agree more when we say that books bring us to a different dimension of learning and understanding of our feelings, environment, and even our society. The common reading materials that we have grown up to gradually changed over time. They may be in different forms, but these reading materials will always have the same goal toward its readers- inform and inspire.
At present, here are the top most common reading materials utilized by all readers everywhere in this fast-pacing world of technology advancement.
Newspapers Maybe considered as old and traditional reading material, newspapers is still one of the most reliable sources of up to date information all over the world. The different publishing company has upgraded their way of disseminating this information by creating portals online where people can browse fresh news from var…

Top 10 Most Popular Books of 2016

The year 2016 has been a momentous year for readers. Readers have been filling their racks with new books which released this year, and many of them can hardly complete one before they find another one which is equally interesting. If you are  in the hunt for the best book to buy next, take a look at this list of 2016’smost popular booksso far and maybe you will be able to find a book or two for yourself.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child By J. K. Rowling Many people felt that they were too old for this book, but Harry Potter fans can hardly give up on their romance with J.K Rowling’s outstanding works. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the first book in a series which, as rumors say, will soon be a performance on stage. Since we are too eager to wait for the play, the book’s sales have been aiming at the sky.
When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi This book explores some of the most entrenching and overwhelming questions of life. Based on the real life of Paul Kalanithi who was a neu…

The Top 10 Glorious Benefits of Reading

With the advent of technology now, people have developed a higher inclination to resort to technology-based relaxation rather than the old-fashioned ones. It is not to say that relaxing with technology is bad. It’s just that there are far more effective ways of relaxing than playing computer games and pulling on all-nighter just to watch a movie.
Probably, one of the most effective ways of relaxation as well as one of the many with the highest declining rate is reading. There are many benefits of reading of reading that you can achieve. Here are the top 10 of the greatest benefits that you get.
Source of Knowledge Books are great treasure chests of knowledge and information. Hence, one of the many benefits of reading that you can experience is gaining ideas that you might or might not get without reading. Books are sources of nutrients for the mind. It does to the mind what exercise does to the body. And remember, knowledge is the only thing that no one can ever take away from you.